A youthful Açai Bowl & Smoothie FranchiseOpportunity, Bursting with Joy, Flavor, & Value

Achieve financial success and find lifelong fulfillment through a franchise concept built around acai bowl and tasty savories for the young and the young at heart.

Our Story

Val and Tatiana were in their late 20s, when they noticed a curious gap in their neighborhood market:

There was no real place for people to hang out and enjoy lighter fare made with fresh ingredients. This  was especially true for kids and young people.

At the same time, Val and Tatiana also recognized that açai––a nutritious fruit ideal for lighter meals––was largely misunderstood by their surrounding community.

So, they decided to set the record straight.

Val and Tatiana knew that, despite its reputation as a “surfer culture” staple, açai actually serves as a tasty, versatile mid-day snack in many parts of South America, including Brazil. (Think: Sweet comfort food blended to perfection. Like ice cream, but without the guilt.)

Val and Tatiana also knew that, in a perfect world, açai should be offered in a relaxing space designed to accommodate communal “hangs” and promote all-around good times.
And just like that, the idea for Boost Bowls started to take shape.

Hoping to build a place where anyone and everyone could feel welcome to sit, eat, have fun, and be creative, Val and Tatiana began bringing their Boost Bowls concept to fruition.

The result was a dazzling debut: the grand opening of an artsy, care-free flagship café, complete with decorative graffiti, neon lights, and a delicious, açai-powered menu.

Today, Val and Tatiana continue to make Boost Bowls a wholesome destination for the young at heart: a space where free spirits looking for great food, good company, and joyous inspiration can always find a home.
Incredible. Never had anything like it. Would definitely go there again.
Susan G.
This is exactly the type of business we need more of… Love to take my kids there. Skip the ice cream and go to Boost Bowls.
Fabio F.
Freaking love the acai bowls and the service is one of a kind too. I recommend trying this place out when you have a chance.-Irvin H.
Irvin H.
Excellent! A gem.
Sarah M.


Newtown, CT
Bethel, CT
BETHEL, CT 06801


Boost Bowls  ?

Designed to stand out in the lucrative açai bowl & smoothie franchise industry

Committed to bucking the mainstream “surf culture” and “natural food” trends frequently employed by our açai competitors, our concept is strategically positioned to stand out: from our memorable store design to the look, taste, and feel of every item we serve.

Each brand component has been intentionally created (and since proven) to be distinctively attractive to millennials, Gen Z-ers, and up-and-coming generations.
Even so, our brand is enticing enough to appeal to all young-at-heart clientele, earning an ongoing “stamp of approval” from parents as well as a ton of love from grandmas and grandpas addicted to popular frozen desserts and sensational savory bites with a healthful twist.


Boost Bowls  ?

Leading the charge for health-conscious consumers

Today’s customers want convenience without having to sacrifice quality or nutrition. This is why all our products are made fresh and fast daily, using only all-natural ingredients.

Our varied line of products includes so much more than just açai bowls, offering a full culinary spectrum of addictive flavor without the additives and helping to expand revenue opportunities. How? By showcasing a richly assorted menu that suits every season, every time of year, every hour of the day or night.
In this way, we help promote better, more mindful eating habits for the whole family, while still managing to maintain a light, tasty, and refreshing vibe – with a hearty helping of “build-your-own-bowl” fun on the side.


Boost Bowls  ?

A pioneering turnkey concept for a new era of QSR Franchise

Boost Bowls is a genuine turnkey concept with low cost of entry and a flexible footprint. The brand emphasizes simplicity, convenience, and a healthier lifestyle overall through helpful, supportive advice from our impressive roster of franchise experts.

In fact, when you join the Boost Bowls franchise, you’ll work directly with our “power couple” owners and build your business alongside our extended team of seasoned operators and experienced franchising professionals.
Each team member has their own invaluable set of skills and is completely dedicated to both product and service quality. Together, their chief goal is to help ensure growth and success for you, our franchisee.

So, even if you’re new to the franchise world, you won’t ever feel like you’re doing it alone.

Financial Requirements

$215.3K - $413.5K

Estimated Initial Investment


Franchise Fee




National Advertising

Frequently Asked

Will Boost Bowls help me find a location?

We work with some of the top real estate companies nationwide that will assist you in finding an ideal location for your Boost Bowls.

Does Boost Bowl train me, and how long is the training?

Yes. Our training program consists of both hands on and classroom instruction. The program lasts a total of four (4) weeks. It is broken down into 3 phases.  The first phase is 2 weeks at our shop for up to three (3) people.  Then once your shop is ready to open, our team will be there one week before you open and one additional week after you launch.

What experience do I need to become a Boost Bowls franchise owner?

You don’t need experience to own a Boost Bowls franchise since our system is turnkey. Any previous experience in the restaurant industry is welcomed but not required. Potential candidates should love working in a fast paced environment and be comfortable with guiding/mentoring younger workforce.

How much will the Boost Bowls  program investment cost me?

The estimated initial investment is between $215,300 - $413,500.

Is financing available?

While we don’t provide direct financing, our team can connect you with third party financing.

Will I pay royalty fees?

Yes, 6% of gross sales.

Will I pay advertising fees?

Yes, we require 2% of the marketing budget to be spent on national advertising and 3% to be spent on local advertising.

Elevate Your
Business Ownership
Journey With Boost

If you believe in building a solid business while at the same time making a lasting impression in your community, the power to do both is already in reach.

Boost Bowls ‘s lasting impact can be felt not only by our customers, but also by our young employees. This is what makes our job so worthwhile: It’s the greatest, most valuable trophy we could ever receive.

And if you’re looking for a healthy food franchise opportunity that offers financial freedom, you’ve just found it.

The potential for change lies in you.

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